Tour De Fat - Fort Collins
These photos are from the September 13th, 2003 show at the New Belgium Brewery. One of the employees of the company took these photos and gave us a CD - thanks! This show was part of the 'Tour De Fat' tour. The photos are at most 800 pixels wide, if you want bigger versions, you can have them.
Five Cars on Fire - Sven Riding
Five Cars on Fire - Rudy Riding
Barrel Race
Barrel Race
Barrel Race
The Bike Poet From San Francisco
Laird as Clown
Close up of Laird
Molly the Cowgirl
Cyclone Bike & Ferris Wheel
The Wrong Way Bike Challenge
Jay Mounting to Joust
Linda and Sommer
The World's Longest Chopper
Mexican Canadian Bike
The Bike That Can Ride Over Glass
Suburban Intruder
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